I decided to start this blog to journal my experience of having my first novel published. I hope to encourage other debut writers and receive advice from those who know the process. Reaching this point has been both exciting and hard work. I’ve discovered there is no blue print though I’ve masses of books and have attended many courses in an effort to find one.

In addition to developing the stamina to write, research and keep going, I’ve made friends with a variety of people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. That may well be the best bit.

Writer’s block?

There are times when I can’t write, so I go for a walk. Here are photos taken on a walk round Batsford Arboretum one Sunday in November. They’re interspersed with quotations I like. ‘When you regain a sense of your life as a journey of discovery, you...

Meet the Author?

One of the responsibilities of a writer is marketing the novel. Because I am unknown in the published world, I need to talk to strangers – not initially about A Time for Peace, perhaps never- but to open up a conversation which allows the possibility that...

If not now, when?

Part of the city of Belgrade,Serbia, bombed in 1914 During WW1, Serbia lost 25% of its mobilised soldiers- that is, 57% of its male population. France lost 16.8%, British Empire 16%, Germany 15.4%, Russia 11.5% (it withdrew from the fighting in October 1917) and Italy...

A different kind of heroism

A Time for Peace was launched one year ago on 18th October, thanks to Jan Fortune and her son, Rowan, who read an initial draft and saw the novel’s potential. I’m also grateful to all those who’ve bought it and read it. Fingers crossed that during...

Behind the scenes

During the past twenty years, the number of local bookshops has fallen by about a  third. How then, can an independently owned bookshop, in a relatively small town, remain vibrant and relevant to the community? Warwick Books in the Market Square One reason is the...


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