I decided to start this blog to journal my experience of having my first novel published. I hope to encourage other debut writers and receive advice from those who know the process. Reaching this point has been both exciting and hard work. I’ve discovered there is no blue print though I’ve masses of books and have attended many courses in an effort to find one.

In addition to developing the stamina to write, research and keep going, I’ve made friends with a variety of people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. That may well be the best bit.

Brief lives around Taly Bont, North Wales

View of river Ysgethin from the garden of our b&b Eileen at our b & b rescued a clutch of orphaned ducklings several years ago. She fed them, provided a paddling pool safe from foxes until they were old enough to cross the lawn to the River Ysgethin. Each year...

Iona- Journey to the heart

View from St.Martyr’s bay, Iona Martyrs’ Bay in the early morning before traffic, before tourists crossed on the ferry is where I start each day on the island. I watch the sea, its tide,  fishing boats travelling across the Sound. I notice gulls, gannets,...

Unexpected consequences

Journey into the Unknown! There are many unexpected consequences of being published. For the twelve years it took me to write A Time for Peace and the months after Cinnamon Press offered to publish it, my goal, which I didn’t always think was achievable, was to...

Coming of age

Prior to becoming a writer I wasn’t aware of self-doubt. As a teacher and probation officer I faced many situations which caused me anxiety or in which I lacked confidence. For example, facing a class of secondary school children four years younger than I was;...

Time to retreat?

In war a retreat can be a strategy of failure, an indication that the army and its country has over reached itself, but not always. During World War One, the Serbian government, its army, its cadets and some of its people withdrew to the island of Corfu. There,...

A conversation in Words and Music

  For a number of years, I’ve been attending poetry writing workshops, led by Angela France, held in Cordula Kempe’s home. On Waterside, close to Stratford upon Avon’s theatres, Cordula makes us welcome. We write in a sitting room that overlooks...


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