I decided to start this blog to journal my experience of having my first novel published. I hope to encourage other debut writers and receive advice from those who know the process. Reaching this point has been both exciting and hard work. I’ve discovered there is no blue print though I’ve masses of books and have attended many courses in an effort to find one.

In addition to developing the stamina to write, research and keep going, I’ve made friends with a variety of people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. That may well be the best bit.

While there is still art there is still hope

Bob and Roberta Smith RA, produced a screen print: There is still art there is still hope. I bought it in the form of a card after I had visited this year’s Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. This year the choice of works was coordinated by Grayson Perry...

Oldham v Leamington

  In trying to write about place, I am reading Trigger Town by Richard Hugo. I can confirm what he writes- that’s it’s easier  to describe places of my past than Leamington where I now live.   Oldham:1970 Saturday afternoon at the Watersheddings...

A man of his time?

  In January 1915 Rear-Admiral Ernest Troubridge was appointed to head the British Naval Mission in Serbia. The Rear-Admiral had so many titles when I initially read about his role in Serbia, I assumed he was well-regarded by both the British and the Serbs. Not...

Making a difference

‘I wonder when married women will learn they have any other duty in the world than to obey their husbands…you don’t know what trouble we have with husbands. They come in the day before the operation… and worry (their wives) with all sorts of...

Brief lives around Taly Bont, North Wales

View of river Ysgethin from the garden of our b&b Eileen at our b & b rescued a clutch of orphaned ducklings several years ago. She fed them, provided a paddling pool safe from foxes until they were old enough to cross the lawn to the River Ysgethin. Each year...


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