View of river Ysgethin from the garden of our b&b

Eileen at our b & b rescued a clutch of orphaned ducklings several years ago. She fed them, provided a paddling pool safe from foxes until they were old enough to cross the lawn to the River Ysgethin. Each year some return with their young to be fed.


The Trail follows the estuary. The sheep came to look at us. We thought we were observing them!

On the Mawddach Trail a couple told us they had climbed Cader Idris the previous day. When they returned to their car, the woman discovered she had left her day-pack part-way up the mountain. Guess who walked back to find it?

Joe and Mary show us the Admirals’ houses on the edge of Barmouth where decisions were taken during WW2. They now form private residences and and forbidden to the public.

In Port Madoc we discovered the grave of R.S.Thomas and the cross (donated by his mother) kept in memory of him. I find his poetry dark and occasionally illuminating. I love the sound and rhythm of his words.


Thanks to the lady who brought the cross from the safe. She cleans the church as an active member of St. John’s, having retired with her late husband several years ago.

Tony, who owns and runs the Italian restaurant in Taly Bont is from Radford, Coventry- not far from us.

The Beulah Chapel was dismantled several years ago but some of its floor tiles are on display at Tal y Bont b&b.


I find this simple memorial touching.

Walking up from the village of Taly Bont, we followed the river Ysgethin to the Ardudwy Trail. Several trees had fallen during the recent gales. A local man told us they can no longer collect the damaged trees as they belong to the Snowdonia Trust which manages the area.


Most of the debris had been shifted but some trees remained, uprooted and still growing. Surely a metaphor?

We walked where neolithic peoples grazed their animals, where they buried their dead. It was blissfully quiet.

‘We walk through life in the blink of an eye.’ David Whyte


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