A Time for Peace is a complex story of love and loss set in Serbia during the First World War.

The narrative weaves between that of a Serb colonel and a British medical orderly. Stefan, a brave soldier and family man longs for peace, while romantic and spoiled Ellen, seeks adventure before she marries.

War brings trauma for each of them.

Only by facing the horror of their experiences, are they able to find personal peace.

Their psychological journeys are based on the actual exodus of the Serbian government, army and 30,000 of its cadets.


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“I was transported by this novel into the lives of Stefan and Ellen, two fully realised characters from very different backgrounds whose experiences of WW1 in Serbia feel very authentic. The author’s meticulous research is used to enrich the human story, bringing the physical challenges and geography to life while never overwhelming the reader. Sparse language sustains the atmosphere and resists any hint of sentimentality- so closely has the author’s ear picked up what I imagine are the nuances of Serbian language and culture that there is almost a sense of a work in translation. I would love to read more from this writer.”

“A well researched and beautifully written novel of the period. The descriptions sing and the characters are intriguing as well as likeable.”

“A wonderful, truly absorbing read. Thought-provoking, beautifully written with a deep emotional pull. Marg Roberts wears the depth of her knowledge and research lightly. I came away from this novel enriched.”

“If you buy one book this year make it this one! Stefan is a solder in Serbia in the First World War, tired of fighting, Ellen is young, her ambition to be a soldier, she becomes a nurse and undertakes a difficult and dangerous mission. They both face the conflict of war and its legacy on the people around them. Once you start this book you won’t put it down. Marg  Roberts has a sparse, elegant style of writing that puts me in mind of other First World War writers such as Pat Barker and Sebastian Faulks. It was so good to read a novel that I could immerse myself in and deeply care about. It is a historical novel but its themes are resonant today. It’s a book I’m going to want to re-read.”

From Max Smith’s blog: Every Smith - Not Dark Yet - www.everysmith.com

“And finally, another first time novel: A Time for Peace by poet Marg Roberts. Like Barnes, she combines the inner life of her characters with a well-researched insight into historical events, in this case the occupation of Serbia in the first world war. If I have a criticism, it is that too much pure research has made its way onto the page, but the writing is spare and sparse and the characters, which could so easily have become stereotypes, are beautifully drawn. I commend it to you.”

From Nottingham Readers’ Group:

I have recently read A Time for Peace by Marg Roberts. It is set in Serbia during the First World War. The two main characters in this novel couldn’t be more different from each other, but their paths cross and they both play very significant roles. Marg effectively describes the hardships people faced during 1914-15. The winter was severe and Serbia was war torn.

Brilliant storyline mixing fact with fictional characters. Really brings to life the futility of war and greed for power and land. Not an easy read for everyone but essential we should remember those who fought for our freedom.  Colleen Ewart, group leader.


A Time for Peace- 11th November 2017- 10.00- 2.00 Leamington Spa library

Event Details:In collaboration with Leamington Library’s Remembrance beginning on 6th November, I will be signing copies of A Time for Peace, and talking to readers about Britain’s role in Serbia during WW1. Novel can be borrowed from the library, bought at Warwick Books, Kenilworth Books or Waterstones, Leamington.

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