Jan’s request for a 2nd edit came before we went on holiday. I was surprised at how much work there was to do. This wasn’t about altering the way the story was told but ensuring the layout, punctuation and spelling were correct. I noticed errors in clarity I hadn’t previously noticed including a whole chapter that was in the wrong place! Thank goodness there is an editing process.

Initially, Jan had expected that 2 edits would be sufficient, but no, I was just settling into a work routine after our holiday, and another inspection of the manuscript was needed. Although this was largely for punctuation, as well as to ensure the chapters that had been reversed read coherently, I began to think the process would never end! In order to try not to be overfamiliar with the text, I started on the last page and worked my way to the front. A friend skim read on-screen and the job was done.

Will there be another one? Only Jan knows but it certainly gives practical insight and experience into the publishing process. And I guess there will be still spellings or punctuation that I missed.

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