Traces of the past

One of the stories my mother told me concerned my walking from our home in Lee Street, Hull to  Cavendish Road school through East Park. Though I was five, going on six, I don’t remember the event. Our family moved from Hull when I was six and I’ve never...

Book Clubs

A Time for Peace, unread, was on a Leamington library shelf, so the next hurdle for me was to find it potential readers. The Readers’ Development Officer helpfully contacted Book Club leaders in Warwickshire to which two, in Leamington, responded. The first, led...


One of the hallmarks of an interesting artist, is their ability to learn. The David Hockney exhibition demonstrated that beautifully. When Hockney was ‘blocked’- perhaps bored with his current style- he moved on to another medium. He tried photography, and...
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