Serbs in Corfu 1916

    A Time for Peace is set, in part, during the Great Retreat from Serbia. The exodus of government, army and people from its country to escape the feared atrocities of its occupying force. On 21st January 1916, the first of the Serbian army landed on Vido,...

Before and after the Referendum

Before the Referendum, Jan Fortune, editor of Cinnamon Press wrote: ‘Freedom of movement doesn’t only give business a much expanded work force, but also brings European artists, thinkers and writers into our creative networks, whilst British artists and...

Final Edit

The final request for an edit arrived in the same week as the Referendum. It took less time than the other edits but even so I was surprised that there were errors. Overall, the majority of mistakes I picked up were spelling and punctuation. Spell check had helped...
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